The Discussion Stage

At this stage, requests, orders or requirements are received from a client through different forms of communication. Negotiations commence and a questionnaire is prepared to be completed by the client. Details and information concerning the project are derived from the completed questionnaire.

Plan Formulation Stage

At this stage, we are aware of the client’s needs and requirements. We know if it’s an individual or corporate application. We create the project framework, documentation and also ascertain the total cost of the project.

Confirmation and Development Stage

The project’s framework, documentation and total cost are being confirmed at this stage. The client is given access to the company’s management system and can monitor the latest updates on their project. The client can communicate with our team if they need more details concerning their project. The completed project has to undergo quality analysis before releasing to the client.

Execution Stage

At this final stage, the project is complete and the client can give final confirmation on the project. Feedback from the client is very important at this stage because it reveals the end result of the project.

Maintenance Support

At MITS Infotech, we don’t leave after the project is completed. We are always around for maintenance and also update your system anytime it is required.

Our customers enjoy a difference from the others, just as:

  • 1
    Established joint ventures
  • 2
    Up-to-date global software standards
  • 3
    Result driven job by professionals
  • 4
    Effective pre & post-sales service
  • 5
    Competitive strategies
  • 6
    Cost effective services & products