Due the steep increases in IT staff salaries, most companies and corporate bodies cannot afford the high costs associated with IT specialists. At MITS Infotech, we hire the IT staff on your behalf at an affordable and reasonable price.

There are some hassles of in-house employee hiring:

  • Rules and regulation followed by the company to hire employees imposed by the government.
  • No or fewer IT knowledge.
  • Office, infrastructure, communication, electricity, & other recurring costs.
  • Licensing charges
  • Parking cost
  • Recruitment and hires for particular positions.
  • Insecure handing over a job to clients.
  • A company would not relive a few or all workers due to the regulations of the government
  • Unreliable job completion rate.
  • Employee welfare activities.
  • Pre & Post responsibilities of job development.
  • Recruiting hassles if one or a few employee(s) left during a running project.
  • Maintaining a whole lab and taking care of programming guideline and monitoring the project development.
  • At Mits Infotech, we provide hired IT specialists with the necessary and required facilities to ensure that they have a friendly working environment. We offer the service of recruiting, selecting and training qualified candidates.

    Why us?

  • Up-to-date tools and software information.
  • IT-based 15+ years of excellence
  • Modern hardware along the best infrastructure.
  • Save the cost of office premises, electricity, hardware, maintenance and of course commitment.
  • Round the clock working hours.
  • Ownership of your personal software, idea and its source code.
  • Higher level deed
  • Offer post service support after execution of a project.
  • Enjoy project confidentiality.
  • Secure database
  • Low cost services.
  • We have qualified and experienced staff such as Managers, IT Specialists, Project Supervisors, Programmers and Web Developers that can work on your project until you are satisfied with the result. Our infrastructure equiped with CCTV Camera, Video conferencing facilities, Phone lines, all reporting and monitoring software, etc. Our services are of top quality and excellence oriented which results in long lasting solutions. At MITS Infotech, we are always effective, efficient and up to date.