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Salary / Payroll Management Software

At MITS Infotech, we offer modern payroll solutions to our clients. We recommend this solution to industries, companies, factories, traders, manufacturers, retailers, educational institution, hospitals, hotels, staffing & contractors & many more so as to eliminate the stress of drafting payroll documentation which consumes significant amounts of time and energy. The salary management software takes care of workers’ and employee salaries and it generates the employees’ payroll at the end of each month. Once the employee details have been captured; viola, the payroll is generated without hassle. This wonderful software also provides all other documentation to support the payroll such as payment statements, payment slips, wages reports, attendance reports, MIS reports & many more.


   Salary Management System

   Employee Management System

   Employee level applicability for PF, PT, ESI

   Loan / Advance Salary Management

   Leave Management System

   Letter Management (Pre-define letters)

   Bonus & Incentive Management System

   Full & Final Settlement System

   Attendance Management System

   Reporting System


   User level Security.

   Enterprise Class Software.

   Versatile and Robust Reporting.

   Our design focuses on creating the best user experience possible.

   Flexible and User Friendly.

   Auto Backup features to keep the data safe.

   Fast and Affordable Solution.

   Updates and new features regularly added

   Excellent after sales service.